Civil Rights

Stuart Jacobs and David Hazan are well known civil rights attorneys for their work on many high profile cases in New York City.  The Firm’s core mission is to safeguard the rights of citizens in the community against the abuse of power by large entities, such as the government, the police department, jails, as well as corporations.  Stuart Jacobs & David Hazan have litigated hundreds of civil rights cases in New York’s federal courts and have successfully conducted many federal jury trials to verdict. Stuart Jacobs & David Hazan have served as lead counsel on several high profile class action lawsuits and have a substantial docket of individual cases.  Our civil rights practice areas include police misconduct, free speech, discrimination, employment, children’s rights, class actions, and prisoners’ rights litigation. The Firm is committed to helping individuals who are victims of excessive force, false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, unlawful strip searches, first amendment violations, and deliberate indifference to medical needs by police officers, correction officers and other government officials.

Criminal Defense

Jacobs & Hazan was founded with the mission of protecting the rights of the accused. The Firm handles many types of misdemeanor and felony offenses ranging from petty theft and driving while intoxicated to violent crimes and complex white collar crimes. The Firm’s partners, Stuart Jacobs and David Hazan have extensive background and training in the complex policies and practices of the New York City Police Department, as they have represented government officials and police officers from every level of the police department in many high profile cases.  This knowledge provides the Firm’s criminal defense clients with a unique base of information that is used to ensure that they receive the highest quality representation in criminal proceedings and investigations by state and federal entities.

Police Misconduct

Cases include false arrest, unlawful strip search, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, excessive force, and wrongful death.

Prisoners’ Rights


Jacobs & Hazan vigorously represents individuals who have been discriminated against or have been mistreated on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or personal beliefs.

Children’s Rights

Children can often be the most defenseless individuals in society against the abuses of police, school officials, and other government entities.  Given the vulnerability of children, Jacobs & Hazan has a particular commitment to protecting the rights of children from unlawful conduct by police and school officials.  Additionally, the Firm fights to ensure that every child is free from physical and emotional abuses and is afforded a safe and appropriate home and living environment.

Employment Law

Jacobs & Hazan represents employees in contract disputes, pre-litigation negotiations, and discrimination cases.  The Firm represents individuals, including doctors, lawyers, financial analysts, in various employment disputes arising from allegations of discrimination and harassment based on race, age, sex, and disability.  Further, the Firm handles civil rights and constitutional claims, including First Amendment, Equal Protection, and Due Process claims.

Personal Injury

Jacobs & Hazan’s personal injury practice includes injuries and wrongful death, stemming from vehicle and pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, negligence, and product liability. We are committed to helping our clients and their families receive maximum compensation for their injuries and have represent individuals and estates in state and federal court actions as well as pre-litigation negotiations.

Constitutional Law

Free Speech/ First Amendment

Class Actions


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