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Jacobs & Hazan, LLP was founded by experienced litigators, Stuart E. Jacobs and David M. Hazan, who spent many years as dedicated public servants representing high ranking government officials, police officers, assistant district attorneys, and correction officers in civil rights lawsuits.  This experience has given them a unique perspective into the constitutional abuses that individuals suffer at the hands of the government.  Stuart E. Jacobs and David M. Hazan’s have unique knowledge about the New York City Criminal Justice system, the New York City Police Department, the District Attorney’s Offices, and the New York City Department of Correction that few attorneys possess.  This unique knowledge allows Jacobs & Hazan, LLP to provide its clients’ with thoughtful, efficient, and aggressive legal representation.

Jacobs & Hazan provides general litigation and criminal defense services to a broad range of clients. The firm’s core practice areas are civil rights and criminal defense litigation. Specifically, the firm focuses on police misconduct and prisoners' rights litigation in Federal Court in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.  The firm also represents individuals accused of criminal misconduct in all phases of their criminal proceedings, from arraignment to trial.  In addition to civil rights and criminal defense litigation, our firm will also be active in the practice of Constitutional Law, Children's Rights, Class Actions, Discrimination, Employment Law, Free Speech/First Amendment Litigation, and Personal Injury.

Jacobs & Hazan, LLP is committed to safeguarding the rights of citizens in the community against the abuse of power by large entities, such as the government, the police department, jails, as well as corporations.  Whether defending an individual that has been accused of committing a crime or actively filing a civil lawsuit to protect an individual’s rights, Jacobs & Hazan, LLP aggressively battles powerful entities on a daily basis to ensure that every citizen in our society is treated equally, fairly, and constitutionally.

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